Case study:

The Sentencing Project - 50 Years and a Wake Up

The Sentencing Project (TSP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1986 in Washington, D.C., operating as a research and advocacy hub to foster a just and effective criminal justice system.

Creative Cycle collaborated with TSP for their 50 Years and a Wake-Up campaign. This campaign aimed to raise awareness of the mass incarceration crisis and its profound impact on the U.S. population over the past half-century, particularly emphasizing its repercussions within the Black community. Moreover, the campaign aimed to raise awareness about more effective crime prevention strategies in our nation.


Our task was to create a bold identity for the campaign, drawing on the visual elements of the TSP brand. We needed to evoke a sense of strength, courage, and progress in the campaign identity, which required a striking and memorable design capable of conveying the urgency and importance of the cause. Our challenge was to communicate the experience of individuals, families, and communities affected by the mass incarceration crisis with seriousness and solemnity. It was essential to convey the gravity of the situation without dehumanizing the narrative. Additionally, we had to ensure the alignment between the campaign identity and the TSP brand values and mission, which required a deep understanding of its brand and objectives. Despite these challenges, we committed to creating a gravitas and meaningful identity.


Furthermore, we worked on a design approach that strategically incorporated negative space, which we considered a meaningful resource to convey the message of this campaign.

This design concept aspired to create an aesthetically appealing visual while crafting a narrative that evokes a sense of fragmentation and incompleteness.

The deliberate use of empty spaces and blank areas within this visual composition effectively conveys the concept of an open or liberated space, subtly alluding to a sense of expansiveness and freedom.


After receiving approval for the campaign design, we continued our collaboration with TSP, extending our efforts to develop a comprehensive set of branded assets. We carefully designed these assets with the primary goal of effectively communicating the narrative of the campaign. This task involved creating visually appealing and informative materials to raise community awareness and advocate for change.

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