Case study:

Department of Veteran Affairs, Airborne Hazards and Burn Pits Center of Excellence (AHBPCE) Outreach Brochure

AHBPCE is the sole VA Center of Excellence dedicated to comprehending the health consequences of airborne hazards and burn pits to enhance Veteran well-being through research, education, and clinical evaluation.

Creative Cycle collaborated with AHBPCE to design an outreach brochure, adding an engaging instrument to the Center's efforts to connect with veterans. This collaboration sought to foster partnerships that allow the Center to expand its research on a spectrum of health issues related to military environmental exposures.


The primary challenge centered on condensing a substantial volume of critical information into the confines of a limited space. When undertaking this task, our central objective was to ensure that the content fit perfectly into the brochure and was readily accessible and effortlessly digestible for our target audience. We aimed to strike a delicate balance in which we could accumulate a wealth of valuable insights while keeping the material engaging and understandable.

Additionally, we acknowledged the importance of providing pathways for our readers to access supplementary information should they wish to delve deeper into specific topics. It required careful consideration to avoid overwhelming the reader while maintaining a clear and compelling call to action to guide them toward further exploration. Thus, our challenge was creating a harmonious combination of information, accessibility, and participation within the physical constraints of space.


By integrating QR codes and utilizing iconography, we equipped ourselves with the ideal tools to create an engaging and convenient design. This approach allowed us to establish a hierarchy of calls to action, making it intuitive for individuals to access further relevant details or contact the Center for additional information.

The goal was to provide valuable information that resonated with veterans, and the dynamic cooperation between AHBPCE and Creative Cycle allowed us to achieve it by aligning our creative expertise with their noble mission.


We leveraged AHBPCE's brand identity and employed our iterative and collaborative design approach to provide an additional tool for the Center to connect with its audience.

The challenge of compacting a large amount of information while making it accessible to veterans was met through this outreach booklet. This experience also gave us ideas on how to make large amounts of information available. The content design was attractive to present substantial information in an easy-to-distribute and understandable format, effectively serving the needs of our target audience.

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