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Bhava Communications: Acorn - Report & Survey Infographic

Creative Cycle has maintained a longstanding collaboration with Bhava Communications since 2017, working on numerous projects involving reports and infographics for technology companies focused on innovation. Our most recent collaboration was with Acorn, a company specializing in performance learning management systems (PLMS) that facilitate the ongoing alignment of individual growth with business objectives. Bhava Communications enlisted our expertise to create a comprehensive report and accompanying infographic centered on The State of L&D, Organizational Effectiveness, and Performance Management.


The challenge we encountered involved crafting an engaging and vibrant report and infographic using Acorn's brand guidelines. Our task was to synthesize the research and analytics data provided by Bhava to create engaging, fun, and bold content for the report and infographics of Acorn's performance learning management system, a dynamic AI-powered platform designed to align effective learning and development experiences with business performance. We aimed to deliver content that was not only informative but also enjoyable and visually appealing to a wide range of readers.


Armed with the valuable insights given by Bhava, we started bringing the report and infographic to life, all while remaining faithful to Acorn's distinctive brand identity.
We meticulously adhered to its tone, voice, and personality, employing branded and stylized tables, dynamic data visualizations bursting with vibrant colors, captivating illustrations, engaging iconography, and carefully chosen photography.

Our creative approach encompassed the development of a comprehensive design system for the report and infographic. This system served as our compass, enabling us to narrate the story Bhava shared with us in a compelling, engaging, bold, and enjoyable manner, ensuring relevance and impact throughout the presentation.


Once again, we joined talents to create a report and infographic for Bhava that received Acorn's enthusiastic approval. Staying true to Bhava's research and faithfully representing the insights they entrust to us is a commitment we value deeply.
We accept the responsibility of tailoring these reports and infographics to each unique organization's identity, a task we approach with diligence, iteration, and a dedication to precise and consistent brand representation.
We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to nurture our collaborative relationship with Bhava and continue to be a steadfast supporter in bringing to life their efforts on research storytelling.
Creative Cycle believes meaningful relationships deliver meaningful results. We design with empathy and purpose by genuinely understanding our customers' values, goals, attributes, and needs.
Active listening and continuous learning are integral to our creative process. Our most effective outcomes bloom when we team up with our clients.

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