How we do it


At Creative Cycle we are big empaths, and we have found in the iterative process of design thinking, the steps to channel our strengths and practice empathy and curiosity to solve problems for our clients.


We rely on research to ask questions and listen, to challenge our assumptions and gather the information we need to align our responses with the needs and goals of our clients. Research also helps us practice empathy and understand the journey of audiences, their emotional hooks and their needs. It is through research where we are able to find the meaning that supports the design and technical solutions we implement.


All ideas start with a question, how might we? We collaborate, we diverge and converge until we have a pool of ideas and responses that challenge the problem our clients experience. Whether it is a brand redesign, a user experience, a social media post, or a pitch deck redesign, we are always curious about how might we add value to the relationship with our clients.


For us prototyping is all about testing, asking for and gathering feedback. This is another step where we can challenge our assumptions and find out if our responses are aligned with the solutions our clients need.


Repetition is an opportunity to take a step back. How might we improve our responses, our relationships and the way we approach our work. What have we learned, how can we pivot from a current response and improve upon it? With these types of questions and a mindset for introspection, we dive back into the research.

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