Design for change

The practice of empathy is at the core of design, and it demands courage. Courage to lean into the discomfort and ask the tough questions that help us arrive to impactful solutions. The practice of design as a mindset allows us to be better collaborators, it keeps us real and present in the moment, free to practice curiosity and understanding from the outside in, and from the inside out.

Empathy is at core of design and is not easy.


The cycle of innovation

Collaboration and creativity are in our DNA, and we understand what it takes to build an environment where both of these can grow. We know it demands meeting expectations, flexibility, empathy and the courage to have real conversations that translate into jobs well done.

Our Expertise

More than 3 decades of design experience and a passion for doing things the right way. We care deeply about design, and we believe in going the extra yard to ensure our clients and our people are taken care of.

Our Values

At Creative Cycle we stand for empathy, curiosity, collaboration, trust and creativity.

Our Goals

Our goal is simple, we work to add value to people's lives and organizations by using design as a vehicle to drive understanding knowledge and creativity.


What we believe about Design

Jose Caicedo

CEO & Founder

"At a more personal level, design has become a process that has shown me how to put humanity right in front and center of the creative process, and is a practice that has also helped me to establish real client and audience connections, that provide me with key information I need to create responses that are meaningful, functional and that ultimately add value to an organization and its audience."

Carlos Murguía


"Design is all about translation; it’s the ability to understand through empathy a company and the customer; and been able to create visual representations of these insights with harmony, taking into account the company goals and the visual storytelling. If a design is beautiful but meaningless, then it becomes art, since it doesn’t take into account the goals of a company."

Elí Taipe

Art Director

Barbara Condemarín

Art Director

Edward Acaro

Senior Designer

Angela Santos

Junior Designer

Ale Morales

Junior Designer

Nicolás Oliva

Creative Editor

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