Case study:

Airborne Hazards and Burn Pits Center of Excellence (AHBPCE) Annual Report

Creative Cycle proudly teamed up with the VA War Related Illness and Injury Study Center / Airborne Hazards and Burn Pits Center of Excellence (WRIISC/AHBPCE) to craft their comprehensive 2022 Annual Report.
AHBPCE is a relentless advocate for Veterans, addressing their concerns regarding potential health risks due to airborne hazard exposures.
This annual report serves as a fundamental informational document that shows the remarkable work undertaken by the Center throughout 2022 to champion the well-being of Veterans.


Creative Cycle's primary mission revolved around creating an impeccably designed brand document to convey the reliability of AHBPCE's management and results in 2022. In these pages, we sought to deliver a direct, professional, and genuine account of AHBPCE's dedication towards veterans.

We aimed to present the data and narratives in an accessible and compelling format, where readers would gain information and feel a deep connection to AHBPCE's mission.


Collaborating closely with our client, we began a design that balanced formality with approachability. Leveraging vibrant color palettes, bold iconography, strategic tables, gradient backgrounds, and carefully curated photography, we crafted a layout that met AHBPCE's requirements while transforming the report into an engaging reading experience. This design narrative beautifully complemented the report content, ensuring a lasting impact.

Our cooperation with AHBPCE was characterized by empathy, ensuring that the branded 2022 report was professionally aligned, accurately representing the Center's efforts, and assuring its advocacy for the veterans was adequately represented.


WRIISC / AHBPCE enthusiastically embraced the report. The information designed and compiled on this annual report has transcended its role as a report, becoming a powerful statement of the dedication and commitment of all stakeholders in advancing the cause of our Veterans.

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