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Give Better Fund - Concept Brand

Give Better Fund is a nonprofit organization focused on creating and supporting recurring campaigns for small and medium-sized charities that matter in their communities. Through its platform, Give Better Fund empowers people interested in funding public benefit initiatives to make donations. Their goal is to raise awareness and ensure that 100% of these contributions directly support local nonprofits, making a tangible difference in the communities they serve.


Give Better approached us seeking to establish their brand presence as other startups and emerging ventures have done. They were in their initial stages and required assistance in creating a visual brand, brand guide, brand ecosystem, and brochure website to make their mark in the fundraising and nonprofit organizations sector.


Creative Cycle embraced the challenge presented by Give Better Fund to craft a distinctive identity for their nonprofit organization. Our work was to distill this vision into a compelling visual brand that embodied growth, hope, approachability, and the ability to break away from conventional fundraising methods.

We started with the protocol of our branding projects of information gathering, employing proven branding and design workshops to gain valuable insights. These insights became the foundation for creating a visual identity that tells the unique story of Give Better.
Collaborating closely with the Give Better team, they developed a branding positioning statement and generated innovative ideas.

After a few great conversations and careful refinement, they birthed an identity that accurately reflects Give Better's purpose and vision.

With the identity and brand ecosystem in place, the next step involved building a comprehensive brand guide and developing a suite of brand assets. These assets, including a brochure site, would aid Give Better in rapidly establishing its online presence and amplifying its message.

This identity is a powerful tool that conveys the idea of growth, hope, and accessibility and serves communities to empower themselves, drive change, and transcend traditional fundraising norms.


We enjoy collaborating with nonprofit organizations.
Beyond knowing and feeling our expertise and strengths were dedicated to positively impacting the world, this creative journey became profoundly meaningful and purpose-driven. Our collaboration with Give Better has been an exceptionally fulfilling experience.
It allowed us to collaborate in shaping an identity that significantly empowers Give Better in its mission to change the world, one donation at a time.

Creative Cycle believes meaningful relationships deliver meaningful results. We design with empathy and purpose by genuinely understanding our customers' values, goals, attributes, and needs.
Active listening and continuous learning are integral to our creative process. Our most effective outcomes bloom when we team up with our clients.

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