Case study:

Anacostia Community Museum - Companion Site

Through collaboration with the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum (ACM), we developed a companion website for the ACM's exhibition, To Live and Breathe: Women and Environmental Justice in Washington, D.C., designed to provide an immersive user experience and features a branded interface that aligns with the visual identity of the exhibition and museum.
This ground-breaking exhibition delves into the profound impact of local women of color, who have harnessed a rich legacy of activism to propel environmental justice initiatives forward. Their influence extends far beyond the confines of Washington, D.C., reaching across the nation and even transcending international borders.


The primary challenge was about synchronizing the online and physical components of the project, with a focus on making the website align smoothly with the exhibit's content and message.

The physical event was still ongoing during the web designing process, and the team's task was to take all the information and content that would be part of the exhibit and transfer it into an online format for the companion website. The challenge was ensuring the seamless integration of the companion site within the exhibition. We wanted the website to feel like a natural extension of the physical exhibit, ensuring that the online experience captured the essence and content of the event accurately and effectively.


Our approach involved working with the available information to create a flexible, modular experience that accommodated last-minute decisions and exhibit details. To maintain a consistent look and feel between the companion site and the exhibit, we relied on the environmental designers' work from ACM, making only minor adjustments to the artwork to align with the Smithsonian's accessibility guidelines.

Once we had an approved experience, we integrated it with the ACM Center for Environmental Justice's (CEJ) branding, confident that Amir Khadar's illustrations would bring the interface to life.


While the website is still under development, our collaboration with ACM has enabled us to streamline a complex project. Our strategy for creating a flexible and modular user experience has allowed us to adapt swiftly to evolving information. Further, our collaborative approach has forged connections with a diverse team of artists and designers, ensuring our work aligns seamlessly with their vision for the exhibition.

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