Case study:

Black Girls CODE
Website Redesign

Black Girls CODE (BGC) is a nonprofit organization that offers Black and Brown girls access to engaging computer programming education. Its mission is to trigger these girls' interest in technology, unlock their potential, and foster a more equitable community by focusing on culturally relevant topics.
In 2022, the organization experienced a setback with its website and needed to quickly re-establish its online presence, and that was the opportunity for Creative Cycle to support it in such an emergency.


The collaboration with BCG started developing several digital branding assets to promote different events and initiatives. Simultaneously, we assumed responsibility for website management and promptly identified the need to adequate the site to support BGC's mission effectively.
Thus, the challenge emerged: migrate existing content to a new WordPress installation and domain to provide BGC with enhanced flexibility and control over its content without delay.


We started from scratch to set up a new WordPress installation, revamping the UX and UI design. We thoroughly transferred the existing content into a more adaptable CMS setup. Near the end of the migration, BGC had a brief website downtime. Fortunately, we had been working on a separate staging environment, allowing us to restore their online presence immediately through a new domain. Since the site went live, we have collaborated closely with BGC, continuously enhancing the website's design and user experience.

Working with BGC, we adopted an approach to ensure that the new iterations of the site are girl-centric or girl-powered. By using authentic photos of female students, we can vividly tell their stories to the world and showcase the profound impact BGC has on their lives.

Incorporating the girls' photographs, harmoniously blended with elements from BGC's distinctive visual identity, has allowed us to craft a dynamic and captivating online platform. Through this, we have effectively conveyed BGC's vision and mission, extending its narrative far beyond the conventional scope of the website's "What We Do" section.


The latest version of BGC's website has become a powerful addition to its communication toolbox, enabling the organization to engage with its audience and effectively share its story.
Through the enhanced CMS framework we established, BGC now has total access to its content and the agility to rapidly construct tailored, branded page layouts that amplify its initiatives. This newfound flexibility empowers BGC to proactively promote its mission and engage with its community on its terms.
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