Creative Cycle collaborated with YetiCloud to establish the IT company’s new brand identity – designing an entire suite of new brand assets to emphasize approachability and simplicity in all visual communications.


YetiCloud approached Creative Cycle to guide the IT company’s rebrand. The client wanted to portray the company as an approachable and relatable partner with a sense of humor and passion for using artificial intelligence to solve “big, hairy problems.” This would require a new suite of visually unified branded collateral, including a company website.


Creative Cycle met with YetiCloud to gain an understanding of the company’s values, audiences, goals and defining traits. Based on those conversations, we worked together to produce the company’s new logo, brand guidelines, typography, business cards and other marketing collateral. Because its name included the word “yeti”, we all agreed this was a natural choice for a brand element. The yeti theme also lent itself to the colors of blue and white, which spoke to the yeti’s habitat while also communicating ease, friendliness and trustworthiness.

We worked with the client to create a personalized “yeti” character for each member of the leadership team, using humor to introduce them as individuals and establish trust.

Together, we devised a look and feel that helped the client depart from its previous brand – which it had deemed too technical and serious –

and adopt an identity that was more engaging and light-hearted.



The site and brand collateral launched in July 2018. Reflecting the client’s vision, they convey a personality and humor that the previous brand lacked, and present information in a simple, approachable manner. YetiCloud now plans to extend this branding to its employee engagement initiatives, which will involve teaming with Creative Cycle to create t-shirts with personalized yetis for each employee.

Final Thoughts

Creative Cycle believes meaningful relationships deliver meaningful results. By intimately understanding our clients’ values, goals, attributes and needs, we design with empathy and purpose. Listening and learning are integral to our creative process — and collaborating with our clients is how we produce the most effective outcomes.

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