Case study:

Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP)

Project:Website design


Creative Cycle collaborated with the World Bank’s Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) to redesign the program’s website. Together, we explored the client’s mission, activities and audiences — allowing us to design the site to deliver a high-value user experience that more effectively conveyed SSATP’s brand.


The World Bank’s Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) approached Creative Cycle to assist in redesigning the program’s website, which serves as hub of information on road safety improvement initiatives in Africa. Our goal was to improve access to information and organize and visually treat content to better communicate SSATP’s brand — especially its affiliation with the World Bank. Because the website serves government and organizational partners as well as road safety professionals, its design had to simultaneously meet the needs of two distinct audiences. Additionally, the site needed to be optimized for mobile viewing.


In an initial discovery session, Creative Cycle and SSATP did a deep dive into the client’s mission, audiences, values and initiatives. Our teams discussed shortcomings of the current site and how the design and content could be improved to meet the client’s goals.

Together, we decided on a more vibrant design that color-coded SSATP’s three pillars: road safety (red) urban transport and mobility (yellow) and regional integration (aqua). This helped to visually define each topic area — ensuring equal representation of all three and giving each one its own brand identity. Subsequently, each pillar’s page was themed around its own color, visually unifying all content related to that pillar and making each one easier to remember.

The site places more emphasis on SSATP’s partners and its relationship with the World Bank, which helps establish trust and credibility among readers. Additionally, Creative Cycle and SSATP adopted a Mobile First design to optimize the mobile user experience.

Through close collaboration, our teams designed two ways of navigating the site to accommodate two different audiences. One would allow partners to easily locate high-level information on SSATP’s mission, history and programs. The other enables road safety advocates to easily access technical information, statistics and white papers that will aid their research and advocacy efforts.

Together, we chose a banner pattern that is both contemporary and African, which are key characteristics of SSATP’s target audiences.


As a result of this collaboration, SSATP is equipped with a more intuitive, mobile-friendly and brand-consistent website — one that offers easy access to information and positions SSATP as a trusted resource. Creative Cycle and SSATP are now creating a library of brand assets to align with the new web design. Along with the refreshed website, these will be introduced at the October 2019 African Road Safety meeting with the world’s major stakeholders will be in attendance.

Final Thoughts

Creative Cycle believes meaningful relationships deliver meaningful results. By intimately understanding our clients’ values, goals, attributes and needs, we design with empathy and purpose. Listening and learning are integral to our creative process — and collaborating with our clients is how we produce the most effective outcomes.

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