Second Life Quilter

Creative Cycle collaborated with Second Life Quilter to establish an artful and passionately crafted brand. To showcase ancestral yet contemporary pieces with a powerful story behind them.


We set ourselves the challenge of creating a logotype that just by looking at it you can feel Andi's work. It was great to combine different organic textures in a single element without leaving behind the geometry that we wanted to achieve in this graphic brand. In addition to accompanying it with a bright and elegant color palette.


A clean and sophisticated graphic line works perfectly in harmony with
Andi's woven pieces. Clean spaces, lines, textures and solids come together
to strengthen the abstract yet modern spirit.

Undoubtedly, this graphic identity brings together a great variety of elements,
breathing the world of recycling pieces and the new that can be created.

We let the client get involved in the branding process, considering that it is a very personal and intimate project. The client's perspective was a fundamental part of this work.

Together, we created a completely authentic, ancestral, elegant, and critical, functional brand look for the pieces required by the client, such as social networks and websites.

We let the brand breathe the emotions that Andi feels when creating her pieces.



We developed an effective ecommerce, where you can also learn a lot about the history of Andi's trajectory. The website and brand in collaboration with Andi completely reflected what she wanted, her essence and commitment to women.

Final Thoughts

We are happy with the satisfaction of our client, and the changes in the way her brand is perceived, in a more professional and established way. Ready to compete in the big art markets.

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