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Creative Cycle teamed with the World Bank Group to build a branded social media campaign serving as a call to action for road safety advocacy in Africa.


Part of the World Bank, the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) promotes sustainable solutions to improve road safety in Africa. In collaboration with the African Road Safety Observatory, the client created a storytelling contest inviting citizens across Africa to share accounts of their own grassroots solutions for improving road safety in their communities. The aim was to foster knowledge sharing that would inspire more communities to adopt effective safety measures. Winners would be invited to share their experiences at SSATP’s Annual General Meeting, giving them a chance to advocate for change in front of Africa’s top transport decision makers. Together, SSATP and Creative Cycle developed a social media campaign and visual brand elements to promote this initiative.

Creative Cycle and SSATP engaged in a multistage collaboration that allowed us to become intimately familiar with the initiative.


We held a workshop to become thoroughly versed in SSATP’s mission, audiences and vision so we could effectively tell their story through design. Our teams then identified all of the necessary brand elements for the campaign.

Following this discovery phase, we worked together on ideation. Creative Cycle engaged SSATP in a two-way conversation to build a dashboard of ideas, define requirements and deliverables, and identify the proper tools and communication channels. Once we established cohesion and consensus, our teams had a solid foundation to begin execution.

Using these assets, Creative Cycle and SSATP built a campaign tool kit. The goal was to share it with thought leaders and encourage to them to use the tools in their own communications.

Our teams made this strategic decision to achieve an organic, highly targeted campaign, rather than invest in Facebook ads that would be less targeted and require paid advertising. We also agreed that having influencers promote the contest would create invaluable credibility for SSATP’s message.



Within three weeks of its July 2019 launch, the initiative had attracted more than 100 entries and garnered nearly 11 million social media impressions — with zero advertising costs. By immersing ourselves in SSATP’s mission, Creative Cycle was able to act as an extension of SSTAP’s team and elevate their story through visual design. Combined with a sound social media strategy, this resulted in a highly effective, visually unified campaign that quickly and cost-effectively reached millions.

Final Thoughts

Creative Cycle believes meaningful relationships deliver meaningful results. By intimately understanding our clients’ values, goals, attributes and needs, we design with empathy and purpose. Listening and learning are integral to our creative process — and collaborating with our clients is how we produce the most effective outcomes. Contact Creative Cycle to explore how we can support your goals through unique collaboration.

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