Case study:


Creative Cycle collaborated with Kick to establish the new brand identity and create a website where technology and sobriety stand out.


Kick began its prototyping phase in 2020; being a new brand, it needed to enter the electronic cigarette market with a fresh and memorable image. At the same time emphasize that it is not just any electronic cigarette, it is a product that will help you quit nicotine.

We worked with the client to develop a sophisticated graphic line, produce graphics with the statistical data provided and communicate the emotional background of the brand.


Graphically we decided to use a fairly neutral color palette, keeping the background color black, elegant and at the same time technological. In the case of the web, together with the client we decided to divide it into two sections, where we told the solutions that the product gives to the physical and emotional health of the client, and the numerical data for the investors.

Together we were able to work on a solid and modern graphic identity. Likewise, a website that provides accurate information for both customers and users.

A project full of challenges, and with the aim of developing a welfare for society.



The brand and the web site were of complete satisfaction for the client, achieving a 100% satisfactory work.

Final Thoughts

Creative Cycle understood the need and value of this project, making it their own and learning a great deal from the client.

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