Training Session Deck
Black Girls Code

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Meraki’s Communication Group to work on the graphics for a series of material for training sessions for the non-profit organization Black Girls Code.
These materials help the instructors teach the girls, and some sheets will be used only for students and participants.


We had to manage how to communicate the way of teaching of the Black Girls Code organization. We needed to reflect the team's capabilities, have trust-neutral material, and be meaningful.

The graphics should also be easy to remember, consistent, and bold, like the organization's message.


We chose to work with girls’ intervened photographs showing them being happy, clever, curious, strong, and abstract shapes with the brand colors on the main pages.
As a guide/presentation template, we also included gradient and bold icons, some resting and others ice breaker pages. Finally, utilizing the coding style as much as possible, we developed some pattern texts to reinforce this style.

Our primary purpose was to create a helpful document aligned with the youth. In addition, we wanted to maintain the energetic and vibrant color palette that lifted the Black Girls Code community.

This project helps those who are more knowledgeable of the related topics and wants to turn the girls into leaders and partner them up with students who are still learning.

The impact of this task provides skills-building programs, mentors, and leadership opportunities.



The material given to the Black Girls Code organization was successful and was very helpful for their activities.

Final Thoughts

We are committed to helping create a more equitable world where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. We believe in the power of advocacy in removing barriers for our future leaders. Creative Cycle is grateful to support Black girls in tech.

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