Hackathon Black Girls Code

Creative Cycle collaborated with Meraki’s Communication Group to develop the design for a Black Girls Code campaign powered by Nike.
The campaign was focused on promoting the girls' participation in this event and making them feel confident and empowered.


Black Girls Code was built on the pillars of empowerment and education in 2011. The aim was to work to develop a graphical environment that makes girls feel supported to encourage them to apply to the Hackaton 2022. In addition, a strong message of competition should be shown and represented visually.

The graphics in charge were for the social media field, mailings, and merchandising.


First, we worked on the concept to appropriately use the visual elements for the Hackaton. The proposal was working mainly above high contrast to create impact.
Also, we developed a lockup for the slogan of the campaign, emphasizing the word "hack" and making it look glitched and vibrant. Finally, we add coded style typography for other texts.
The color palette we chose is highly contrasted, black with intense fuchsia and some details in blue.

We wanted to create graphics
that denoted technology, empowerment, and a certain sense of futuristic elements.

Black Girls Code led a global movement to establish equal representation in the tech sector, so Creative Cycle and Meraki had to build a solid campaign.

We wanted to have the attention of young women between the ages of 7 to 17; we aimed to inspire youth to become innovators.



The graphics developed were successfully uploaded to the platforms, and the Black Girls Code organization was thrilled with the result.

Final Thoughts

As the Creative Cycle team, we feel fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to this organization in its mission to change the narrative surrounding racial and gender diversity.

To be part of a safe space where Black girls can see themselves reflected in tech innovation, willing to be leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures.

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