Countdown to Camp!
Black Girls Code

Our team collaborated with Meraki’s Communication Group to work on the graphics for a fundraising campaign for the non-profit organization Black Girls Code.
The campaign supports five summer camp programs that introduce girls to the world of STEM; the plan is to welcome campers in four cities and online.


The concept we should work on had to reflect young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology through the art.

Our graphics needed to be attractive not only for the girls but also for the people who wanted to donate.


The camp project was to create abstract art through codification, so the concept we worked on was to represent black girls’ faces with geometrical shapes and lines with bold colors. Adding to them is a mix between ancestral and modern accessories, hair, and complementary colors.
The faces resource helps the girls to see themselves in the graphics, giving them a sense of representation and community.

We aimed to visually represent the opportunity to connect the girls with their peers, learn new skills, build confidence, find a community of like-minded leaders, and celebrate their achievements.

Our work encourages the girls who are interested in art and tech creation. We hope the followers, artists, and supporters to join Black Girls Code in donating to these effective programs that are making change happen right now.

Together, we are creating more robust economies and more equitable societies through diversity and inclusion.



The campaign has been successful upload to the donor website, and the Black Girls Code organization was thrilled with the result.

Final Thoughts

This kind of project makes us see from a different perspective. From the view of the girls and the donating people, let us get involved in social causes where any girl interested in coding can participate regardless of their ability to pay.

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