Case study:

Rocket Social Impact
Website Redesign

Rocket Social Impact is a nonprofit organization driven by a love for working with brands and organizations looking to disrupt the status quo and achieve better business and the greater good.
In early 2023, Rocket approached us, seeking a partner to establish a new website presence.


The new website needed to capitalize on some of the existing content while providing an experience and interface that felt fresh and bolder, enabling visitors to interact with Rocket's case studies more directly and intuitively.
Many of Rocket's case studies involve engagements and collaborations with prominent brands that significantly impact communities across the U.S. Rocket aimed to leverage these outcomes by establishing a new online presence that would allow them to improve the analytics for their case studies and help gather new contacts for future communications.


We collaborated with Rocket to create an initial experience that involved restructuring existing content and making informed UX propositions to ensure users have easy and direct access to case studies and thought leadership content on the new website.
Once wireframes were approved and we gained awareness of Rocket's visual brand, we delved into implementing the new website.
Utilizing WordPress as their CMS, we designed and developed rapid prototypes and site instances that allowed us to conduct internal testing of the UX assumptions we had formulated.

After conducting internal testing and iterating through various design and development phases, we finally arrived at a version of the new site that was a perfect fit.
We launched the website and provided Rocket with the necessary support and total access to manage their content, ensuring they could successfully take the reins of their online presence.


We optimized Rocket's budget for the website redesign by using their available resources efficiently, ensuring reasonable timing for the project execution. Our iterative approach allowed us to gather swift feedback from Rocket, ensuring we created a product that met their needs and embodied the organization's personality.
Today, Rocket boasts a fresh online presence that empowers them to harness analytics related to their case studies and the thought leadership content they generate. With abundant new data, they can leverage the website as a promotional tool, launch SEO campaigns to highlight their client work and capture valuable leads that may translate into lasting partnerships.

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