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Storytelling one slide at the time

Our motto: Make every frame count. Before we even fire up PowerPoint, we’ll sit down with you to hone the purpose of your message, who will see it and how they should react. In the end, you’re presentation deck with tell a captivating story that empathizes with your audience while complementing your brand.

"Creative Cycle's team are artists in the truest sense of the word. The work speaks for itself and they provide amazing customer service throughout the entire process"

— Nick Sharkey, Tiger Shark Analytics

Some of our Projects

Keynotes and PowerPoints and Prezis! Oh My!

Client: Capitol Post

We helped Capitol Post focus the messaging, and we used the design process to give their visual brand a new feel. The new deck and the new visuals allow Capitol Post to tell their story with a new voice, and capture the attention of their audience.

Client: FP1 Strategies

Worked with FP1 to create a new visual presence for their pitch deck. We provided a simple design and several slide layout options to give FP1 the flexibility they need to tell their story one slide at the time and win the tough fights.

Client: FP1 Strategies | Project for: Growth Energy

We pushed to the limit what PowerPoint can do to provide a new and unique presentation visual experience for Growth Energy.

Client: FP1 Strategies | Project for: FAIR

We helped FP1 by creatine a series of slides that tell the untold story of many NFL athletes life experience after their professional career is over.

Client: FP1 Strategies | Project for: eblend

We went back and froth between Prezi and PowerPoint, but finally landed on the later as it allowed us and FP1 a little more control when telling the eblend story.

Client: FP1 Strategies | Project for: Oklahoma CJRP

We provided FP1 with a number of slide layouts to give their team the flexibility to craft a compelling deck for Oklahoma CJRP.

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