Case Studies

The passion
about design

We are passionate about the role of design in people’s lives. We feel a design mindset can improve our capacity for understanding, it pushes us to challenge our assumptions, and is a process that invites us to be curious about each other and about our work. We feel design gives creativity a sense of direction and purpose, and it gives us the tools we need to generate ideas that add value.

World Bank


Creative Cycle teamed with the World Bank Group to build a branded social media campaign serving as a call to action for...

World Bank

SSATP Website

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Airplus International

Content marketing
social media

AirPlus International is a leading provider of solutions for managing business travel...


Production and design of
annual print publication

As part of our ongoing relationship, Creative Cycle worked with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee...

Texas Tech University

Mobile app

In collaboration with Texas Tech University’s Food Sciences department, Creative Cycle developed a prototype for a mobile app to...


Brand Design and

Creative Cycle collaborated with YetiCloud to establish the IT company’s new brand identity – designing an entire suite...

Scott Circle Events

Print and digital marketing collateral |
event branding and support

Teaming with Scott Circle Events, Creative Cycle developed a suite of branded collateral...

PenFed Foundation Speakers Bureau

Branding |
Website Development

Immediately following its launch, the PenFed Foundation Speakers Bureau teamed with Creative Cycle...

Data Trust


Creative Cycle teamed with The Data Trust to develop a new company brand — allowing the data analytics ...