Who we are

by design

We believe design as a process gives us the mindset that helps us understand our clients, and their audience’s needs. Through design we arrive to visual and technical solutions that are grounded in meaning and strategy, in a way that they respond to the needs and emotions of people.

This Month

Case Study

Client: World Bank - African Road Safety Observatory
Project: Roads4Life Contest

We help in this project with concept development and visual storytelling, creating a close approach to one of the most challenging problems in Africa “Road Safety,” 22% of world’s annual 1.3 million road deaths happen in Africa. This Campaign creates a contest to invite people a participate in the conversation about how to solve this problematic.

Thought Leadership

What do we
think about

Collaboration as a mind set

helps us to stay humble, to listen, to be curious, to stay positive and
ultimately practice empathy in a way that puts us in the path to understanding the unique
perspective and needs of others.

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Design as a structural process

We have found in the design process the focus our creativity process needs to generate original ideas that have value.
Researching, ideating, prototyping and repetition are the steps that gives us our own unique way of finding out how not to fail.

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